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It was almost 6 years ago that we released Hidden Frontier's holiday episode, "Santa Q". I make it a point to watch it every year as it brings back fond memories not only of Hidden Frontier's early years, but of the festive holiday season. And who could forget John Whiting in the lovable Santa costume trading snarky barbs with Counselor Myra Elbrey? (Barbara Clifford)? Santa Q is available to download all this month (or any month)
via the Hidden Frontier download mirrors. I hope you enjoy it!

-Rob Caves, Executive Producer


Episode 2 of Star Trek: Odyssey is now available for download. Titled "The Wine Dark Sea", this episode features Brandon McConnell taking over the lead role of Lieutenant Commander Ro Nevin.

Odyssey has survived her initial battle with the Archeins. But with her crew decimated, and her new captain unsure of himself, the fight for survival has reached a crucial stage, as Odyssey's antimatter stores have been depleted through an emergency pod dump.

When an attempt to obtain replacement supplies takes a turn for the worse, Ro must balance his desire to protect his crew with the knowledge that without fuel, none of them will survive....

Also featured are Michelle Laurent as Romulan Sub-Commander T'Lorra and Julia Morizawa as Security Chief Maya Stadi in an episode that provides additional insight into all of our lead characters as the plot continues to unfold in the mysterious and dangerous Andromeda Galaxy. We hope that you enjoy this episode as we press on at slipstream velocity in this exciting new chapter in the Star Trek saga.

Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles' first episode wrapped shooting in November, and is set for release on New Years' Day! The series pilot, titled "Sanctuary Lost", reintroduces us to the USS Helena and her new Commanding Officer, Captain Theresa Faisal (Sharon Savene). The series preview is available for download now.

Additionally, JT Tepnapa has produced several "Behind the Scenes" videos which introduce us to some of the characters as well interviewing the actors who play them. You can find the first video here, and the second video here.

Making apperances in the first episode are Joanne Busch and David W. Dial, reprising their roles as Commander Robin Lefler and Admiral Ian Knapp. The storyline path of the show will have it directly crossing over with Star Trek: Odyssey on a regular basis, and will be presenting another side of Homer's Odyssey.

The Helena also briefly appeared in "Orphans of War". The joint project between Areakt Productions and Starship Intrepid Productions was released in November, and fills in the story between Odyssey and Helena Chronicles. You can view this exciting short film by clicking here.


Check out the January Issue of Starlog Magazine for a behind the scenes look at Odyssey, Helena Chronicles, and Orphans of War! The issue hit newsstands on December 4th! The article contains some new tidbits on plotlines in Odyssey and The Helena Chronicles (spoilers!) and a surprise revelation about a main character!

We were thrilled to be interviewed for Starlog, and always enjoy the opportunity to share the tapestry of the Hidden Frontier universe with new viewers. If you're here because you saw us in Starlog, welcome, and enjoy the ride!

With a massively popular collaboration like Orphans of War between Areakt Productions and Starship Intrepid Productions making fan film history, it was only a matter of time before the fans demanded a sequel.

But this isn't going to be just another ordinary sequel.

Star Trek: Operation Beta Shield is a feature-length epic adventure reuniting the legendary crews of U.S.S. Excelsior, under the command of Captain Elizabeth Shelby (Risha Denney), and USS Intrepid, under the command of Captain Daniel Hunter (Nick Cook), as well as Klingon Warrior and hero of the War for the Briar Patch, General Korg (Karl Puder) and many returning characters from the Hidden Frontier universe in a team-up mission of galactic porportions!

Most of Operation Beta Shield (OBS) will be filmed just prior to and after Excelsior Ball III, set to be in Los Angeles, California, when many of the actors will be converging upon the third annual event. Additional filmings will take place in Scotland throughout the first half of 2008 as schedules permit. The film will serve as the prelude to a new Hidden Frontier spinoff that will launch later that year.

The Shield goes online in Summer of 2008!

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