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ODYSSEY UPDATE : The exciting Odyssey season finale, "Keepers of the Wind" will blow through the Hidden Frontier Chat room on November 26th and be on general release later in the week.

The bloopers are now available for the episode along with the preview from our download page.
The season comes to an exciting conclusion that will leave the Odyssey crew changed forever!

The conclusion to the season was penned by two science fiction novelists, Brian S. Matthews and E. Robert Dunn.

Federation One's season finale, "Unity" is now in wide release. Season 2 is now underway on all shows and we recently wrapped filming on "Institutions", the season premiere.

The episode focuses on Vindenpawl getting settled into her new role and McCabe's attempts to find out the true cause of Se'Fron's death.
Following "Institutions" Federation One moves to an audio-only format with five more episodes planned for 2009.

Season 2 staff writer Andrew Foster will be stepping into a Producer role in Season two and taking over the day-to-day operation of the audio show.

The first audio episode will be an exciting crossover with the Starfleet Renegades audio series, also set in the HF universe.

The episode will focus on McCabe as he tries to track down weapons dealers at the infamous Hell's Gate Station. As the audio show progresses, each main character will have an episode that focuses on their role aboard the Presidential starship, Federation One.

Pre-production on Frontier Guard continues with several new designs and CGI shots showcased on the forums.

We'll be finalising our script in the coming month and beginning some construction on costumes. Anyone wih costume building experience in the LA area are invited to get in touch!

As things start to gel for production in 2009 we will have more frequent news and updates on this exciting project! We hope it lives up to the high expectations of Star Trek fans. While there is no new Star Trek out there, that doesn't mean there shouldn't be something to fill that void.

It has been a busy fall! We completed Helena's season finale which will debut in our chat room on December 17th. We also got a head start on the season premiere which we hope to wrap in early December before going on our winter hiatus. This puts us in a good position to complete all season 2 episodes in 2009.

Helena's exciting season finale features an attempt to rescue the Odyssey from Andromeda with shocking consequences!

Can Ro and Aster's relationship transcend time and space or will one or both falter in their loyalties? Can Faisel keep her rag-tag band of misfits together before Starfleet catches up with their daring plan? It's an exciting wrap to the season and an even more exciting premiere to a new season of adventure!

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