Hidden Frontier
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(from left - back row)John Whiting (General Morrigu), Nick Beckwith (Lt. Simmons), Greg Schuh, Joanne Busch (Cdr. Robin Lefler), Risha Denney (Capt. Shelby), Lucy Faria-Cook (Lt. Caed), Nick Cook (Capt. Hunter), Rob Caves, Jennifer Cole (Director)

(from left - front row) Beo Fraser, Stephen Roloc, Rick Corbett (Lt. Commander Nostrom), Rod Roddenberry

"Orphans of War" was already a very special Star Trek moment - we had two fan film crews from two different continents meeting in Los Angeles for just one day to make a Star Trek fan film that would help bridge Hidden Frontier, Odyssey, and Intrepid's shows, make new friends, and be an experience we would remember fondly for a long time. But it was made even more special by a visit from Rod Roddenberry who came out to visit us as we filmed this history-making event!

Rod has been keeping busy within the Star Trek community his father created, and has also started video podcasting from his website (www.roddenberry.com). He had already done a few podcasts on other productions, but told me that he'd been wanting to visit Hidden Frontier's (and now Odyssey's) set because of our groundbreaking portrayal of gay characters in Trek - something he said his father wanted to do, but wasn't able to accomplish during the run of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Rod interviewed me and did a "virtual tour" of the studio for his video podcast, and he also shot an introduction from the bridge of the USS Intrepid. Keep an eye on Roddenberry.com for that episode - I've been told it's coming very soon! (Editor's note: The video podcast is available now.) The cast and crew also had a nice lunch break on the patio; we enjoyed the LA weather, and had a good time talking with Rod about his projects - which include a diving club and his online Trek merchandise store. He's definitely positive about the future of fan films, and we are thrilled to have him as an advocate. Thanks, Rod!

-- Rob Caves, Executive Producer
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