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UPDATE : Operation Beta Shield is now in wide release. The film is followed by the Federation One episode "Unity".

The Preview for Unity is now available from the Hidden Frontier website.

The show focuses on Matt McCabe's role of Presidential Chief of Security.
Longtime HF regulars, Wayne Webb and Rebecca Wood star in the show which will switch to an audio format in 2009. The second episode "Institutions" begins filming this month.

Odyssey's season finale "Keepers of the Wind" wrapped this past week. Post Production continues and then it'll be off to composer Bodo Hartwig for scoring.

A preview of the exciting season finale will be out later this month with the full episode due in November.

Odyssey discovers an ancient derelict and investigates. But things are not what they seem and the crew is once again forced to make difficult choices. Prophetic words come back to haunt Ro as the season boils to a climax!

Pre-Production on Frontier Guard continues with design refinements in progress and plenty of new CG models to be built. We're always on the lookout for people to build 3D ships as well as sets. You can get in touch via our contact page if you would like to get involved.

Also, if you're local to the Los Angeles area we'd like to hear from you! With production taking place almost every weekend, we need extra manpower just to keep all of our projects up and running. No experience required, just a willingness to learn and participate in something fun and rewarding! All positions are volunteer, copy and credit is provided.

Proposition 8, California's proposed ban on same-sex marriage is up for vote in just under a month. And the war on television is heating up. Unfortunately the yes on 8 people have raised significantly more funds to litter the airwaves with their lies about same-sex marriage.

They want people to believe it's about children but that's smoke and mirrors. Gay couples' rights to marry have NOTHING to do with children or churches and everything to do with equal human rights and dignity. Polls show this hateful legislation passing but we can still turn it around. Please consider a donation to Equality California/HRC No on 8 to help combat the lies.

If you would like us to make a donation on your behalf from outside the USA please drop Rick Pike or myself (Rob Caves) a note. Call your family/friends in CA and urge them to please vote NO!

Thank you!
Rob Caves

Web sites
The Human Rights Campaign Fund
The Equality California Campaign against Proposition 8

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