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Frontier Guard Episode 1.01 "Sputnik" Released!

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Hidden Frontier's journey into an original science-fiction universe begins with the release of Frontier Guard's first webisode.

Connor Blake was abducted in 1957. He was found frozen on a space Ark hundreds of years later. Now, he's joined the space force of the future, the Frontier Guard!

Each week a new 6-14 minute webisode of Frontier Guard will be released every Monday Night in the Hidden Frontier Chat and in wide release a day or two later.

The episodes are available streaming on Vimeo or in two parts on Youtube. The Frontier Guard YouTube channel also has 15 two-minute character vignettes available to watch that introduce all of the main and most of the supporting characters on the show. These are fun, in-universe, often humorous glimpses at each character and their back story.

A Special Donation Announcement from Rick Pike:

Now you can REALLY become part of the Hidden Frontier / Frontier Guard team!

In order to raise money for production costs for this almost continuous film process, Rob has authorized me to offer a special "Thank You" incentive for those who help us out and help finance production expenses.

We always try to recognize donors online, in the end credits, and through other means. Without all our donors, we just simply couldn't put on the shows. Everyone involved contributes time, money, food, and labor to make it happen. So they truly appreciate all donations that are made, no matter what the level.

I have 20 actual Frontier Guard patches to offer. Not copies, not replicas, these are the actual sewn cloth patches used on the costumes of our Frontier Guard cast. They are beautiful to look at, and definitely an item to have.

See Donation Announcement for more information.

The second audio episode of Star Trek: Grissom, "The Price of Virtue", will be released in the chat room next Monday February 1st and thereafter in wide release and iTunes. The exciting episode features Klingons, rogue refugees, galactic conspiracy and much more! Join the Grissom as she sails for her ultimate fate at Genesis.

Now would be a great time to listen or re-listen to Episode 1 which is available for download or from itunes.

Audio Episode 3, which will adapt the recent prose episode 6 'The Stars my Destination' featuring the Tholians, will record in Dublin April/May 2010, once again in Cauldron Studios.

Nick Cook (Intrepid's Captain Daniel Hunter) has produced a fantastic plot for Prose Chapter 7: "One Moment of Humanity", and Sean Paul Teeling is currently writing this for end of February release. Chapter 7 will feature tribbles, Romulans and everyone's favorite Classic Trek rogue, none other thanů Cyrano Jones (to be voiced by Nick in audio Episode 4!). Welcome aboard Nick.

Visit the Grissom website to read the prose stories and information on the cast/crew and characters and much more.

Production on Season 3 of Star Trek: Odyssey is well underway.

The season combines The Helena Chronicles with Odyssey as well as other HFP elements, past and present.

Production is expected to take 3-4 months and final release will either be in the form of a 2.5-3 hour movie, or broken into episodes.

Photos from the first shoots are available in the forum members section.

Also as an exclusive to forum members, the new title sequence for the combined Odyssey is now available also in the sneek peeks forum.

Season 3 of Odyssey picks up 6 months after the arrest of Captain Faisal and the launch of a new Archein invasion into the Milky Way Galaxy. All Helena and Odyssey regulars return along with a few surprises to make this our most exciting season yet! No one is safe, and the future of both galaxies is at stake!

Federation One 2.02 "Family" is released and can be downloaded from our web site or via iTunes.

The long-awaited return of President Vindenpawl continues with the Federation One Audio Drama release of the season 2 episode that focuses on Vindenpawl's family. As the political drama in the Federation Continues, Vindenpawl's Education Program hangs in the balance, but a surprise visitor from the President's family may threaten everything!

Recording continues on episode 2.03, "Obligations", with release scheduled for April 12th.

Download and Listen now!

Hidden Frontier's Audio Drama focusing on Dr. Henglaar and his crack team of new MD's journeys onward, now aboard the hospital ship, USS Cole.

"Best Served Cold", episode 1.02 is nearing completion and will be released in chat on February 15th.

Work continues on the third episode for release in March.

HMD's pilot can be downloaded here.

Recording on the Season 2 Audio Episode "Duty's Betrayal" has begun!

Season 2 of Voyages is set some 10 years after the first season (available on Vimeo) and continues the legendary ship's adventures.

Carol Soldo (Admiral Rand) makes a guest appearance in this episode that sees the Angeles journeying through the Bajoran Wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant on a special joint mission with the Dominion.

"Duty's Betrayal" will be released sometime in 2010.

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