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UPDATE : Operation Beta Shield has been delayed until October 1st in our chat room, with wide release coming around October 4th or 5th.

The delay will allow us to complete the musical score for the project. The delay of Beta Shield will also push back everything else this fall but on the plus side, we've been so busy filming episodes we will have a new release each month (or less!) this fall and through early 2009.

We hope you will join us for our chat room release of Operation Beta Shield on October 1st! For the Odyssey premiere we broke all records with 102 people in the chat room. Help us break the record again for a night that's sure to have many surprises!

Odyssey's season finale "Keepers of the Wind" continues filming this month and wraps mid October. The episode guest stars Michael McConnohie (Transformers, Star Trek voice work, various anime) and introduces a new alien race to the show.

The episode is being directed by Beo Fraser and was written by Brian S. Matthews.

"Keepers of the Wind" wraps up Odyssey's first season and will be released later this year. Fans may note that McConnohie also has a small guest role in Helena's season finale playing a Cardassian. Helena's season finale wrapped and is now being scored.

For an updated release schedule, please see our chat information page.

Federation One's pilot "Unity" has wrapped and is about halfway scored by composer Daniel Chan (Odyssey 1.02, 1.04). The series focuses on Lt. Cmdr. Matt McCabe aboard the Federation's Diplomatic flagship. Other cast mambers announced include Heather Ashleigh (pictured) as Science Intern Mara Onshul and David O'Neill as Admiral Selek.

Operation Beta Shield and "Unity" are the only offerings for Season 1 of the series but Season 2 gets underway with the filming of "Institutions" in October. From there, Federation One moves to an audio drama format with 5-6 episodes released per year. The audio dramas will begin following on in early 2009. More cast announcements are coming in the next few weeks leading up to "Unity's" release on October 29th.

Be sure to keep an eye on the "Meet the Cast" thread on our forums.

As you know, Hidden Frontier has long supported GLBT rights and education about issues that effect the community.

This year, marriage was legalized for all same-sex couples in California. Our society has not crumbled as a result and millions are happy to have the same rights straight couples have always enjoyed. Indeed, Hidden Frontier's own JT Tepnapa and Adam Browne were married in August and George Takei (Sulu) was married in September.

But this November, people with an agenda against the gay community have placed Proposition 8 on the California ballot. It would enshrine discrimination against same-sex marriage in our state's Constitution.

I ask every US citizen who has been touched by Hidden Frontier to please consider a donation to one of the following websites that are fighting Proposition 8. We need your help more than ever. Please let us know if you do (privately if you prefer).

Thank you!
Rob Caves

Web sites
The Human Rights Campaign Fund
The Equality California Campaign against Proposition 8

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