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Hidden Frontier is proud to announce that we have made our episodes even more accessible to the viewers, thanks to the project that Jonathan Connor-Foertsch and HF forum member Michael Hudson (also of fellow fan-film Star Trek: Intrepid) have been coordinating with volunteers for the past few months.

Starting today, All 50 episodes of Star Trek: Hidden Frontier are available in English and German subtitles, and all episodes of Star Trek: Odyssey will be subtitled shortly after each episode releases! Each download page has already been updated; all you need to do is select the version you want, and you're on your way!

We'd like to extend a hearty thank you and extend our congratulations to the beta testers who helped us out and kept the surprise to themselves as we prepared everything for general release:

  • "Mighty" - HF Forum Member
  • "USSFiredrake" - HF Forum Member
  • "SFFilk" - HF Forum Member
  • "Rockytop62" - HF Forum Member
  • Karl Puder - HF Forum Member, "Korg" (HF/ODY)
  • Barbara Puder - HF Forum Administrator, "Odyssey Crewman" (ODY)

as well as our subtitling team, who have tirelessly worked to get this new feature ready for everyone to enjoy:

  • Michael Hudson - English Subtitles
  • Bodo Hartwig - German Subtitles
  • Stefano "The Raven Man" M. - Italian Subtitles (Coming soon to Star Trek: Odyssey and Star Trek: Hidden Frontier!)
  • Alain Kemp - French Subtitles (Coming soon to Star Trek: Odyssey!)
  • Jana Krcmar - Czech Subtitles (Coming soon to Star Trek: Odyssey!)

We're absolutely ecstatic to offer these episodes to our fans, and we hope to offer even more to the fans as we charge ahead at slipstream speeds into the new series, Star Trek: Odyssey!

-- Jonathan Connor-Foertsch, Content Manager
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