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Star Trek: Odyssey is set to debut its first episode, "Iliad," during a week-long event starting Monday, September 17th, 2007. The event kicks off at 7 p.m. PDT (-7 GMT) in the Hidden Frontier Chat Room at www.hiddenfrontier.com. Cast and crew will be on hand to answer fan questions and countdown to the 8 p.m. PDT special limited release of the premiere episode, "Iliad," (for forum members only).

This premiere episode will again be available to registered members of the Hidden Frontier forums on Wednesday September 19th, with general release on the Hidden Frontier website starting on Saturday, September 22nd. Be among the first to download and view "Iliad" by registering on our forums. In addition to sneak previews and early release of episodes, forum members get access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content and community discussion boards featuring the show’s producers, cast members, and other technical staff.

Odyssey stars Bobby Rice (Lt. Cmdr. Ro Nevin) and Michelle Laurent (Sub Cmdr. T'Lorra) in a adapted re-telling of the Homeric epic, Star Trek style. The first episode, "Iliad," begins with a new alien threat from the Andromeda Galaxy. The Federation and her allies must launch a mission to combat the enemy on its home soil before it's too late!

Viewers may remember Michelle Laurent as Dr. Tesla Mor on Hidden Frontier. Other familiar Hidden Frontier faces return in Odyssey including: JT Tepnapa (Corey Aster); David W. Dial; John Whiting (Dr. Henglaar); Matt Montgomery (Nej'ta); Adam Browne (Jorian Zen); Sharon Savene (Faisal); Julia Morizawa (S'Tal); Tim Foutch (Pelas); and many more (including some new faces and some old friends in new roles). Don’t miss it!

Production on Odyssey episode 2, "The Wine Dark Sea," has already begun under the direction of Beo Fraser. Season 1 of Odyssey is expected to run five episodes, to be shot over the course of the next year.

Making use of Apple's new H.264 compression codec, Odyssey will be available in two download options: Dialup Resolution – 320 x 184 for viewers with low bandwidth. Standard TV (SD) Resolution – 720 x 414 for stunning full-screen viewing with a broadband connection. The files will be smaller than the Hidden Frontier episodes, but with larger viewers and sharper picture quality and sound thanks to the new codec.

In order to view the new QuickTime files, users have several choices of free players and browser plugins. Quicktime 7.X and above supports the new codec and is available at www.apple.com/quicktime/ as a free download. If you are using a prior version, update soon. For those interested in alternate free players, we recommend QuickTime Alternative, as well as VLC Player. Both have been tested and work well with the new H.264 codec, and can be downloaded from the internet.

The Scotland based USS Intrepid fanfilm series and our own Hidden Frontier series have a history of crossover characters, but both teams plan to take things a step further this fall when they gather in Los Angeles on October 10th to film a groundbreaking short film together in just one day! "Orphans of War" will take place just after the events of Odyssey's first episode and will help bridge the storyline between Hidden Frontier, Odyssey, Intrepid, and the new Odyssey sister series, The Helena Chronicles. The short film was written by Brian Matthews and will be directed by Hidden Frontier veteran Jennifer Cole. The cast for “Orphans of War” includes Risha Denney (Shelby), Nick Cook (Hunter), Joanne Busch (Lefler), Lucy Faria-Cook (Caed) and several other characters from both shows. Release is planned for late 2007 on both the Intrepid website (www.starshipintrepid.net/) and at hiddenfrontier.com.

It's Raining Trek! Shortly after the announcement of its new series, Odyssey, Areakt Productions also announced a sister series, The Helena Chronicles, that takes place and will be filmed concurrently with Odyssey. The show takes place aboard the USS Helena, a ship often seen in the latter seasons of Hidden Frontier, commanded by the late Captain Tolian Naros. The Helena is now commanded by Captain Theresa Faisal (Sharon Savene). Her first officer is Cmdr. Jorian Dao (co-star Adam Browne). Both actors are reprising their roles from Hidden Frontier. Other returning cast includes Joanne Busch (Cmdr. Robin Lefler), Beau Christian Williams (Artim), as well as several newcomers and surprise guests!

The first episode of The Helena Chronicles, entitled "Sanctuary Lost," was penned by staff writer Brian Matthews and will be directed by Jennifer Cole in October and November 2007. Release of the first Helena Chronicles episode is planned for late 2007/early 2008.

Helena Chronicles welcomes aboard Canadian actor, Tom Bulmer (The Book of Ruth, The Butterfly Effect 2) who will be playing a pivotal character on the show beginning with episode 2. We welcome the experience Tom will bring to the production and the new life he will breathe into an iconic character. Tom's character will be revealed as the show unfolds, so stay informed on the Hidden Frontier website and forums!

Be sure to visit hiddenfrontier.com for all the latest news about Odyssey, Helena Chronicles, “Orphans of War” and some future Areakt productions!

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