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We're very pleased to announce that Episode 202 of Star Trek The Helena Chronicles "Red Sky at Morn" is now available for download and online viewing.

"Red Sky at Morn" picks up with Maxwell on the trail of the rogue USS Helena. Corey Aster has been recruited to work on omega research at a top secret facility, while enemies close in from all sides!

"Red Sky" was directed by Jennifer Cole and scored by HF newcomer Greg Nicolette. Post-Production on the third and final episode of season 2, "Leashed Thunder" continues with release planned in November.

Links to the episode can be found here : Episode page

We're closing in fast on December which is when the Odyssey season 2 finale, "For All Time" is due to be released.

Filming for Odyssey has wrapped for the year and Bodo Hartwig has begun scoring the finale.

Brian S. Matthews has begun writing Season 3 of Odyssey which will combine with Helena Chronicles and either be released as one long film, or be broken into 3 or 4 episodes in 2010 (To be decided).

Work continues on Henglaar MD with lines being recorded for episode 2. Keep an eye on the HF forums for casting details for future episodes.

Bodo Hartwig is knee deep in putting together Grissom episode 2 for a possible December release. Grissom recorded all of episode 2 in a marathon recording session in Dublin Ireland in September.

Andrew Foster reports Federation One is targeting release of the next episode 2.02 "Family" in November. A short preview for the episode is now online.

HFP's original scifi production, Frontier Guard, has begun releasing vignettes on YouTube as we countdown to release of webisodes the first week in January.

A new vignette introducing us to a character or part of the FG universe will be released each week in our Monday night chat (5-8pm PT) for the rest of 2009.

Series webisodes will be released one per week the first 11-12 weeks of 2010. Production continues on webisodes 108-111 through November.

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