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With T'Lorra back on duty, and Vaughn still in the Brig, Maya Stadi is under pressure from seemingly everywhere. Will her training be enough to prepare her for what comes next? The Odyssey's journey home may depend on an apparently dead planet, but what secrets have the Archein left behind?

We're very pleased to announce that Episode 202 of Star Trek Odyssey "The Immortal Loom" is now available for download and online viewing.

Links to the episode and bloopers can be found here : Episode page

We've gotten requests from many fans and supporters to make it easier to donate to Hidden Frontier.

These donations help fund the production expenses of making Odyssey, Helena Chronicles, and other Hidden Frontier shows.

So, we are happy to announce the launch of a new web page right on the main Hidden Frontier website called HFP DONATIONS (located at http://www.hiddenfrontier.com/donations/)

There, you'll find information explaining the background of why HFP can't make profits on these Star Trek-based shows and how we have to depend on the donations of fans like you to help fund the production expenses for things such as makeup, costumes, lighting, film equipment, and other necessary expenses.

You'll find a new, easy-to-use single click button that will allow you to make a donation via Paypal, Debit Card, or Credit card. It's simple, easy and painless. You can also learn how to donate gift cards to help us purchase supplies and equipment for the shows.

Finally, in this section is a link to a page honoring the many great fans who have helped out... on our "HF Donor Hall of Fame" page (http://www.hiddenfrontier.com/donations/donors.php).

We hope you'll find having this donation resource on the main web page will make it easier for you to let others know how to help out, and we hope you'll consider a donation next time you're there, too!


P.S. Interested in helping Frontier Guard get off the ground? There's a separate donation website just for that show. Its link is http://www.frontier-guard.com/donations/

We’re planning an exciting fall filled with sneek peeks, episode releases and special guests in the Hidden Frontier Monday Night Chat!

We kick things off this coming Monday with the Frontier Guard theme and titles. Also Dave Mason will be in to talk about Odyssey 2.02 that he directed.

Each week throughout the fall we’ll have a new guest and video release, so be sure to stop in on Monday nights, from 5pm onward (Pacific Time). Sneek peeks usually happen around 6-7pm PDT.

Check out our chat schedule here : HFP Chat Schedule

HFP’s original scifi production, Frontier Guard continues filming and is about to wrap its first episode for release later this year. The first two episodes are being shot in 10-15 minute webisode format for “a webisode a week” release schedule. We will have 11 webisodes in total when the show rolls out. They may be followed on with regular length episodes in 2010.

We’ll be making Frontier Guard a free download as a labor of love and hope to share it with as wide an audience as possible! You can help out by sharing the preview on facebook/twitter and viewing the preview on youtube.

Frontier Guard Web Site

Frontier Guard Youtube Preview

Odyssey episode 2.03 begins filming in September and is being directed by Jennifer Cole and was written by Andrew Foster.

In “For All Time” Ro faces off with the Archein while Seram plans another invasion of our galaxy. Various characters from HF’s past will make appearances.

Meanwhile Helena is wrapped and two episodes are currently being scored for release later this year.

The first, “Red Sky at Morn” is due for release in September, while the season finale, “Leashed Thunder” will make its internet debut in November.

A full length film featuring the Helena and Odyssey cast is being written by staff writer Brian S. Matthews for filming in 2010.

Join us on our forums for more sneek peeks, episode bloopers and discussion.

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