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As production continues on Frontier Guard, Star Trek Odyssey and Star Trek Helena Chronicles, we bring you a special announcement newsletter highlighting our two audio releases for August.

We've also setup an iTunes feed for our audio productions and you'll find five audio commentaries for our Hidden Frontier shows as well as our full cast audio dramas.

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Episode 1 of the Star Trek: Grissom Audio Show, "All rumours of wrath, past, and to come", begins immediately following the events of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Captain Esteban is assigned new crewmembers for the USS Grissom as the intergalactic newsbands are buzzing with the rumours of the death of the legendary Captain Spock.

With the USS Enterprise investigating the destruction of the USS Gallant, Grissom is advised of a new mission of exploration via a priority code one communication from Starfleet Command.

But Grissom is destined for danger, with paranoia rampant in the Alpha quadrant and the Klingons making veiled threats along the Federation border.

Story by: Seán P. Teeling and Melissa D. Wilson, Audio Play by: Darren Rosetta and Bodo Hartwig, Editing, Sound Design and Music by: Bodo Hartwig, 23rd Century Advisors: Joseph Bonice and Brad Hathaway, Executive Producers: Rob Caves and Seán Paul Teeling

For characters details and the Grissom prose stories, please visit Star Trek Grissom.

Available to download or for subscription via iTunes : Star Trek Grissom Episode 1

Our Henglaar M.D. audio show tells the tale of everyone's favorite Tellarite Doctor as he copes with the loss of Myra Elbrey and tries to instill some work ethic back into a young team of medical students.

In the first episode of our new audio series, Doctor Henglaar must put aside his past, and fight for the life of a dear friend’s daughter. Will they discover the cure in time? What will the Klingons eat for dinner? Will Henglaar’s past get in the way of true happiness?

Created by Eric Weaver, Written & Directed by Eric Weaver, Theme & Music by Mary Kouyoumdjian, Medical Adviser - Farrell Pierson, M.D., Technical Advisor – Jonathon Connor, Audio Consultant – Michael Hudson, Story Editor – Mark Painter, Executive Producers Rob Caves & Eric Weaver

Available to download or for subscription via iTunes : Henglaar, M.D. Episode 1

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