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It’s shaping up to be a very busy summer with both production and releases! The preview of our original show, Frontier Guard, is now available for download, and on Youtube. We also have the first audio episodes of Star Trek: Grissom, and Henglaar MD coming out soon as well as a blast from Hidden Frontier’s past with an Angeles episode release in anticipation of a new audio show that will bring the Angeles into the current HFP timeframe.

An updated release schedule is posted every few weeks on our chat information page. Releases are posted first in our Monday Night Chats (please note new night and time).

If you miss the chats, episodes will be available shortly thereafter on our website and forums. Don’t forget, we have an active sneek peek section for registered members only where you can get special goodies ahead of general release, or in some cases things that are never released. The same is true of the chat room! Sometimes these are photos, sometimes they are works in progress, and sometimes they just defy explanation!

So join us next week in chat for a new sneek-peek each week all summer long!

Star Trek: Odyssey is currently filming the second episode of season 2, “The Immortal Loom”. The Odyssey continues its search for an Omega power source to return home.

The episode focuses on Stadi who finds an Archein scientist frozen on a dead world. Meanwhile the Archein have begun construction on a new wormhole gateway and Morrigu must decide where his heart lies.

All of Stadi’s experiences in Andromeda come to a head in an episode that has a shocking ending!

“The Immortal Loom” guest stars Natalie Fryman (who played a supporting role in The Helena Chronicles) and was directed by Dave Mason. The episode wraps in August with a projected September release.

Photos from the first shoots of the episode are available in our new Photo Gallery.

Join the Guard! See the Universe!

Connor Blake must have been terrified. Waking up on a frozen Ark centuries after his abduction in 1957. Endlessly studied by the scientists, and then hidden away in secrecy. Growing up on his own, the Frontier Guard Academy must have seemed a welcome escape from it all… So he thought.

Frontier Guard chronicles the life of Connor Blake in a new science fiction series from HFP.

A classic tale of a man (or boy) out of time who happens to hold the fate of humanity. Why did the Ark take him? What dangers lurk in the unknown?

The preview for Frontier Guard is now online and the first three webisodes have been filmed. Four more are slated to film later this summer and in the fall to complete the “pilot”.

The webisodes are now being scored by longtime HFP Composer, Daniel Chan.

Release dates have not yet been determined, but we hope to screen some material this fall and enter some festivals for exposure and to help us fund more episodes!

The more funds and interest we can bring in, the more episodes we can make! We encourage everyone to blog and share the preview. We hope to have some cast and character interviews out soon!

To learn how you can help out HFP check out our forums or contact rpike@hiddenfrontier.com

Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles is about to wrap its second season with one more shoot this summer. We will then have two episodes to release this fall, possibly as early as September and one closer to the end of the year.

In “Red Sky At Morn” Corey’s abduction leads the Helena to a frantic attempt to locate him. Then in “Leashed Thunder” allies and foes alike all converge on a strange area of space. One similar to the singularity zones Odyssey encountered in Andromeda!

The season will end on a major cliffhanger that will set the show up to link up with Odyssey sometime in 2010 in a major film project. This could see the return of other familiar HFP Trek ships and stories and we will also be working with Intrepid and other shows (including our audio dramas) to continue the Hidden Frontier saga for years to come.

We recently recorded crossover material for Intrepid and Dark Armada.

Helena as its own series may be winding down, but the story is far from over and the future looks bright!

The forums have been looking very busy lately, with a plethora of new forums, one for each show in progress.

Federation One Audio continues to record lines for upcoming episodes while post-production continues on episode 202. “Family” introduces us to a family member of President Vindenpawl’s. Familiar voices return in this story written by Andrew Foster and Eric Weaver. We hope to have the episode out later this summer.

Meanwhile Henglaar MD is about to debut its first episode, “Recalled to Life”. Join us on July 27th for release in the chat room, or a few days later on the website. In the episode, Doctor Henglaar must put aside his past, and fight for the life of a dear friend’s daughter. Will they discover the cure in time? What will the Klingon’s eat for dinner? Will Henglaar’s past get in the way of true happiness?

The audio-play was written by Eric Weaver and stars John Whiting as everybody’s favorite Tellurite. The Doctor will see you now!

Next for release, is HFP’s Trek into the 23rd Century with Star Trek: Grissom!

Even though we know the outcome, there are lots of twists and turns and good times to be had aboard the ill-fated science vessel! “All Rumours of Wrath Past and to Come” kicks off the audio show as the Grissom is called on a secret mission.

Clive Saunders stars as Captain Esteban along with a host of HFP regulars and cast from Ireland.

Sean Paul Teeling Produces the beginning of this epic journey.

The episode is being scored by Bodo Hartwig who also does sound design and editing for the piece. It will be released in chat on August 3rd and on the web shortly thereafter. Don’t miss out on the Trek to Genesis!

Fans have been asking to see the “lost episodes” for many years. And now it’s coming with the release of the original season of “Voyages of the USS Angeles”.

All five episodes are being prepped for internet release starting Monday night with “Return to Duty”.

The Dominion War has just ended, and the Angeles is returning to Earth for some much needed R and R. But trouble is brewing in the Briar Patch.

See where Hidden Frontier got its start, but beware, this will mark the 10th Anniversary of the series and the production values in some places predate even Hidden Frontier Season 1. The series has heart and fills in many characters from early Hidden Frontier in a fun way!

The video releases will kick off the Angeles return to adventure with a new Audio series that will focus on the USS Angeles featuring members of the local Los Angeles club, and show what the ship and crew are up to in the present timeline of Odyssey, Helena, Chronicles and more!

Additionally a prequel movie of the Angeles series is being remastered for release sometime likely in 2010. The movie chronicles the Angeles during the Dominion War.

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