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UPDATE : Operation Beta Shield is now past its Director review and being scored by David Beukes. We have high hopes that it will be released by the end of August but cannot set a release date yet.

The highly anticipated film teams up the casts of Hidden Frontier, Helena Chronicles, Intrepid and the upcoming Federation One shows. Bloopers and the preview are available now.

You can download it from our download mirrors or view on Youtube.

With Beta Shield wrapped, production has been underway this summer on no less than three episodes. Helena Chronicles Season Finale "The Letter of the Law" wraps at the end of August.

You can the preview from our download mirrors or view on Youtube.

The episode involves Helena mounting a rescue of the USS Odyssey against Starfleet orders. Helena Chronicles season finale will likely be the final release of 2008, but before "The Letter of the Law" we have Operation Beta Shield and two more episodes to release this season.

Federation One's pilot "Unity" has almost wrapped. One final day of production is scheduled for August 10th. The rough cut has already gone to Daniel Chan to begin scoring. Daniel also composed a beautiful theme for the series that was performed by a live orchestra at the WB recording stage.

"Unity" picks up where Operation Beta Shield leaves off with great turmoil in Federation/Romulan relations. McCabe is assigned to Federation One as the head of Presidential Security. His task, and those who would oppose him, immediately force McCabe to make some difficult decisions.

More of the cast of Federation One will be revealed after Operation Beta Shield is released.

It was also recently announced that the bulk of Federation One's 6 episodes per season will be audio episodes. At least one episode per season will be filmed but due to studio time, many of the stories will be told via audioplays. This also allows Federation one to be a full series rather than a mini-series.

Star Trek: Odyssey's season finale "Keepers of the Wind" goes into limited production this weekend with principal photography scheduled for September/October. The episode introduced a new alien race in Andromeda and pits the crew against their biggest challenge yet!

"Keepers of he Wind" was written by Brian S. Matthews and E. Robert Dunn and is being directed by Beo Fraser.

The episode will also guest Star Trek, Transformers, and anime veteran Michael McConnohie. McConnohie can also be seen in the Helena Chronicles season finale alongside Melodee M. Spevack, reprising her role as Caeleno.

As mentioned in previous newsletters it's been a busy summer for Hidden Frontier Productions. Operation Beta Shield has now wrapped and episodes of Federation One, Helena Chronicles and Odyssey are all in production and due for release before the end of 2008.

Thank you to our production crew and actors and thank you for watching.

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