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Hidden Frontier is proud to announce that we have made the front page of the LA Times, a major newspaper on the west coast and throughout the country!

Deborah Netburn, a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times, spent 6 months "embedded" with the Hidden Frontier team, learning more about us, and why we do what we do.

UPDATE 7/23/07 - Deborah's story has been picked up by the Chicago Tribune and the San Francisco Chronicle!

From the LA Times Article, by Deborah Netburn

...walk through the living room with its overstuffed couches, ignore that door on your left where a young man is getting leopard spots painted on his face, and you'll end up in a small room with a stained beige carpet and two bureaus whose contents are described by pale yellow sticky notes affixed to each drawer. Among them are Bajoran earrings, Alien PADDs (person access data devices), Sirol mind devices, hairpieces, ears and Klingon blades.

This is the set of "Star Trek: Hidden Frontier," the longest-running series in fan film history....

Major online blog The Huffington Post also picked up the story, and is inviting discussion on the article and fan films in general!

We're REALLY excited about all of this, and we'll keep you informed as to places where you can spot an article that features us. And if you catch a mention we haven't seen yet, please feel free to pass it along so we can share it with others! Stay tuned to the site for more updates on the upcoming shows Star Trek: Odyssey, Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles, and much more!

-- Jonathan Connor-Foertsch, Content Manager
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