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Hidden Frontier Productions are pleased to announce our first original Science-Fiction project!

Download the first two teaser trailers for "Frontier Guard" from our download mirrors here!
(Or view on Youtube : Teaser 1, Teaser 2)

The project is our first venture outside the Star Trek universe and will film sometime in 2009 for release later that year. The project started out as a Tom Corbett - Space Cadet fan-film but early on it was decided to make the show original and free of the confines of that universe.

It is our hope to secure financial backing and donations to make the film the best it can possibly be.

Frontier Guard is set in the 25th Century, by which time humans have spread out into the galaxy.

But our history leaves many secrets to be found.

Conner Blake was abducted in 1957 at the age of 12 and found frozen on an abandoned Ark hundreds of years later. Why was he chosen and how will he play into humanity's conflicts with its space-faring neighbors ?

Our story begins when Conner Blake is accepted into the Frontier Guard Academy and is immediately assigned to the worst training vessel on campus, the starship Polaris. His past quickly returns to haunt him as he struggles with his identity and his fellow Academy cadets aboard the Polaris.

The Frontier Guard starship Polaris was designed by Rob Caves and pays homage to the sleek rocket ships of 1950's Sci-Fi television.

With modern influences and settings, Polaris is a ship planted firmly in our future.

A challenge for Frontier Guard was creating the look of the alien ships. For much of this, Rob turned to sketch artist Brian Childers who designed the alien carrier seen in the teaser. Brian is contributing many more starship designs and is now workng on interior design. Once complete, these designs will be handed to the CG team for virtual set construction, or if budget allows, actual sets.

If you are interested in helping in any capacity, please drop a note to rob @ hiddenfrontier.com.

Gift Cards and donations will also be accepted through our PR Office, headed by Rick Pike : donations @ hiddenfrontier.com.

If you are interested in becoming a benefactor, please contact Rob at the address above.

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