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Hidden Frontier has made appearances in several major publications recently, and the fans have been kind enough to tell us about them!

AfterElton.com, in reply to an overwhelming response from the fan film community, has posted a second article about Star Trek and it's noted absence of gay characters in Trek, and it features us!

From the After Elton Article, by Michael Ricci

...Star Trek, the creative vision of Gene Roddenberry, crafted a spellbinding franchise of entertainment and exploration woven through with a universal theme of tolerance and diversity. For in that landmark television and movie phenomenon, every individual of every race, religion, and gender is considered an equal. However, there is one glaring exception: Star Trek has yet to include a single gay character or storyline.

Some fans, tired of waiting, have taken matters into their own hands by making a Star Trek series all their own....

The New York Times (Registration required to view), also mentioned Hidden Frontier in an article about Trek fan films, mentioning that we've had over 40 episodes. Special thanks to Karl "Solak" Puder for pointing this one out to us!

From the New York Times article, by Danny Hakim

...There is a group in Los Angeles that has filmed more than 40 episodes, according to its Web site, www.hiddenfrontier.com, and has explored gay themes that the original series never imagined....

This article was also picked up by the San Diego Tribune, and C|Net's News.com site.

And if those two articles weren't enough, Fan Films Quarterly has named us the #7 most pivotal moment in Fan Films history! Special thanks to Jeff "Plasmatorch" Hayes for giving us this one!

From the Fan Films Quarterly Article

...In 2000, a group of Star Trek fans gathered to create fan film history, though they did not know it at that time. Using blue screen technology and computer CG modelling, Hidden Frontier developed into a massive undertaking....

We're REALLY excited about all of this, and we'll keep you informed as to places where you can spot an article that features us. And if you catch a mention we haven't seen yet, please feel free to pass it along so we can share it with others! Stay tuned to the Hidden Frontier site for more updates on episodes, HF news, and much more!

-- Jonathan Connor-Foertsch, Content Manager
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