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Star Trek Odyssey has released the premiere episode of season 2, "On the Knees of the Gods". The episode is available to download here or for online viewing here.

"Knees" kicks off the season with a bang with Odyssey on the hunt for ways to get home and a shocking twist at the end.

"Knees" was the first Directorial outing of Sharon Savene who also plays Majan Seram.

Post-production on Henglaar M.D., our new audio show written and produced by Eric Weaver, continues and we have now released our preview for episode 101.

The preview can be downloaded here (Direct Link).


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If the forums cannot be accessed for any length of time we will use the following pages for updates : Youtube and Facebook.

Forum users that have PMs or avatars they want to keep should take copies in case they do not survive the move.

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