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Hidden Frontier Productions announced the 3rd and final spinoff of Hidden Frontier, a mini-series called Federaton One. The four episode show will feature the President of the Federation and their staff aboard the Federation's diplomatic flagship.

The first production episode will be shot alongside Operation Beta Shield, which shares some of the cast and setting. Beta Shield will serve as a pilot of sorts for the mini-series.

A full press release including casting and design of the titular vessel is available at the Hidden Frontier website. Stay tuned as this project develops!

The third annual Excelsior Ball, Hidden Frontier's mini convention is getting ever closer! Registration has begun and a program guide is available at http://www.excelsiorball.com.

There you can sign up, watch greetings from attendees and get the scoop on what promises to be a fun filled weekend. Admission is free, and tons of activites are planned for the weeks surrounding the ball including filming, amusement park "away missions" and much more!

Seating really is limited so sign up now to ensure your space is reserved..

Star Trek: Operation Beta Shield, the prelude to Federation One and joint venture with Star Trek: Intrepid and several other fan films got off to a quick start this past weekend in Los Angeles. Filming in Scotland is scheduled to begin soon as well. The film features an epic storyline of galactic proportions.

The first scenes filmed were with Joni Bovill (Proconsul Yeshva) and Jim Davis (President Se'Fron). The film will wrap production just prior to the Excelsior Ball on June 5th.

Hidden Frontier will host an online live broadcast on Wednesday April 16th during our regular scheduled Wednesday Night Chat. Check out the Chat information Page for more details. The shoot will feature some returning cast from Hidden Frontier. Keep up on all the latest Beta Shield news on the Hidden Frontier website and we hope to see you in June!

Odyssey episode 104, "Vile Gods" wrapped production this past weekend. The episode was written by Eric Weaver who previously penned Odyssey 103. The episode was Directed by Adam Browne and is now off to composer, Daniel Chan for scoring. Release is projected in late April.
"Vile Gods" introduces us to new Kelvans, and pits the crew against each other when Ro is abducted. The Kelvans have a daring plan to deliver a devastating blow to the Archien, but will they have any chance of success, or is it a suicide mission?

The episode preview can be downloaded from our website.

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