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Federation One's first audio episode of Season 2 is now available for download! "Intel" opens the second season with an exciting crossover with the Starfleet Renegades audio production and sees Matt McCabe (Wayne Webb) and Mara Onshul (Heather Ashleigh) on a dangerous mission to the infamous Hell's Gate Station.

On the way they meet Nicholas Roberts and his cohorts from Starfleet Renegades that started their journey in Hidden Frontier Season 4 in the episode "Piracy of the Noble". Renegades director, James DeRuvo directs the episode. The second episode of Federation One's second season "Family" is already in production and will be directed by series Producer Andrew Foster.

The episode can be downloaded from our servers here. We also have a review thread on our forums here.

Star Trek: Odyssey's season 2 premiere "On the Knees of the Gods" has been delayed for release in early-April to allow us time to color-correct the season premiere. Music has been completed by composer Andrew Smith and the episode is ready to go aside from the color-correction.

The new release schedule allows us to bring out an episode in March (Intel) and April (Keepers).

A preview is available on our website here. Episode 202 is being directed by Jennifer Cole.

Hidden Frontier Productions is excited to welcome Star Trek: Grissom to our family of shows. The audio drama is our first foray into the classic 23rd Century era of Star Trek.

A teaser for the audio series is now available for download here.

The show will be Executive Produced by Seán Paul Teeling (also the series creator) and Rob Caves who will also edit the pilot episode. Longtime HF alumni, Bodo Hartwig has created the theme music and will score episodes, while many other HF alumni will participate along with forum members that will have the opportunity to participate. Look for Grissom Forums and a download section soon on HiddenFrontier.com.

The intro and end themes can be downloaded from the episode page here.

Grissom is in continuity with 23rd Century fan shows, Star Trek: Lexington and Star Trek: Hathaway, and features members of both casts reprising their roles. Lexington's Joseph Bonice and Hathaway's Brad Hathaway also bring their expertise of 23rd century Trek to the show. The Grissom team is very excited to be working with the teams from Lexington, Hathaway and Hidden Frontier.

Visit the website for more information about the series : Star Trek: Grissom

Filming continues on Helena episodes 202, and 203. This weekend saw the return of Benjamin Maxwell (Tom Bulmer) to the set from his home in Canada to film his scenes in the episodes. Photos from the shoot will be released this week in our Wednesday night chat.

The chat will also feature a rare live-shoot broadcast from the filming of the episodes. The live shoot will be for Joseph Johns (Mike Johns) and a couple of other surprise characters. Be sure to tune into our youstream channel on the 25th to catch all the action and bloopers! The shoot begins at 6Pm (PDT), but as with most shoots, can run late. One final shoot sometime in late April will wrap the two episodes.

Episode 202 should be out in May with 203 (the season finale) out sometime in November or December.

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