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The Helena Chronicles' second episode is now available for download from our site! You can download a full resolution version of the episode, as well as a dialup-friendly version from the Hidden Frontier download mirrors. Full resolution download, Dialup Friendly download. A DIVX version will follow shortly.

"Obsessions" follows the efforts of Helena's crew to find a way to return the USS Odyssey safely from the Andromeda Galaxy. Melodee M. Spevack guest stars in the episode which introduces us to several new characters and ends with a shocking twist. The episode page also contains links to the episodes bloopers reel and preview. Enjoy!


As the popularity of this special event grows year on year, we decided to give the Excelsior Ball its own web site.

The site contains full details of the ball, schedule, celebrity dinner, excursions and allows you to officially register for the ball using the special form.

There are also three special promotional videos available on Youtube for easy viewing showing messages from many familiar faces. Video Number Three is provided with subtitles for those that do not understand Scottish.

We're planning a fun party (that will be free!) giving you an opportunity to hang out with the cast and crew, view episodes, ask questions and much more! The EB planning team, cast and crew very much look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles in June.


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