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Odyssey's third episode is now available for download to newsletter subscribers! You can download a full resolution version of the episode, as well as a dialup-friendly version from the Hidden Frontier download mirrors. Full resolution download, Dialup Friendly download. A DIVX version will follow shortly.

"The Lotus Eaters" continues the journey of Odyssey's crew through the Andromeda Galaxy as they try to find a way home. Melodee M. Spevack and Hal Alpert guest star in the episode which introduces us to several new characters and brings new events in Andromeda to light. The episode page also contains links to the episodes bloopers reel and preview. Enjoy!


Stay tuned for a special newsletter about EB III coming later in March which will have more details about the event. We're planning a fun party (that will be free!) giving you an opportunity to hang out with the cast and crew, view episodes, ask questions and much more!

With two Trek fan-films in Production, a Feature (Operation Beta Shield) and a mini-series in the works, you'd think our plate was full. And you'd probably be right! But at Hidden Frontier we feel it is finally time to step out of the nest and develop a production that is not limited by the bounds of the Star Trek universe. And one that is not subject to the restrictions of a copyrighted franchise. We hope to be able to continue to create our various Star Trek fan films for years to come, but we also hope that our viewers will follow us to an original project that will entertain as well as provide a thought-provoking experience that has become a hallmark of Star Trek at its best.

There is a lot going on behind the scenes with this original project, but not a whole lot we can share with you until things have gelled into place a bit more. We hope you will join us for the ride!

"Helena Chronicles" Episode 1.02, "Obsessions" wrapped production this past weekend. The episode was written by Staff Writer Brian S. Matthews and Directed by Dave Mason. The episode is now off to composer Andrew Ceperley who will be putting the finishing touches on it before it goes into release in late March.

The episode gives us some insight into one of Helena's new crew members, Lt Dias, played by Gina DeVittori. "Gina has jumped head first into the role and this episode was a chance for her to really shine." said Executive Producer Rob Caves. Look out for more from Gina and the Helena gang in future installments!

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