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The Helena Chronicles Season 2 premiere episode "The Minstrel Boy" is now in wide release. The episode kicks of an exciting sophmore season for the show and sees the Helena pursued by Starfleet and other interests.

"Minstrel" was directed by David O'Neill with a heart-pounding score by Hetoreyn.

The episode can be downloaded from our servers along with bloopers here. We also have a review thread on our forums here.

Filming continues on Helena's 2nd and 3rd episodes of season 2. We're hoping to wrap "Red Sky at Morn" in early April for a release sometime in late April or May. Jennifer Cole is helming 2.02 while Beo Fraser directs 2.03, the season finale.

The episodes are being filmed together to ease scheduling issues.

Star Trek: Odyssey's season 2 premiere "On the Knees of the Gods" has wrapped and is having the finishing touches put on its score by composer Andrew Smith.

"Keepers" was the first directorial outing of HFP regular Sharon Savene. The episode continues from last season with Caecus aboard Odyssey as the crew try to track down the elusive Omega Modules that may hold the power to return them home.

A preview is available on our website here.

Federation One's Season 2 Premiere "Intel" has been pushed back to mid-March to put the finishing touches on our first entry into the world of fan-audio. All lines have been recorded and turned over to Michael Hudson who is editing the episode together. Andrew Foster is producing and James De Ruvo directs the episode, which is also a crossover with the Starfleet Renegades audio drama.

Work continues on the other five episodes set for the shows sophmore season.

The title for the second episode, "Family" was recently released and is being penned by Eric Weaver. The story includes a surprise visitor for President Vindenpawl. A preview for "Intel" is due later this month.

Progress continues on HFP's first original science-fiction show, Frontier Guard. New starships are being created every day in a new feature on our forums, "Frontier Guard Shipyards" where you can see the design through to completion of some of the ships that will star in the new show. (Forum Link)

Casting has begun on the project and announcements will be made as cast are confirmed. We are still on the lookout for more help with our CGI sets, prop makers and other talented individuals interested in getting in on the ground floor of a project we hope to someday see on the Sci-fi Channel!

Even if you're not local, all are encouraged to help out by contacting rpike [at] hiddenfrontier [dot] com. Very soon we will be in need of Home Depot gift cards as we start to build set pieces for the show.

More details about Helping the Productions here

Hidden Frontier were guests of honor at this years Radcon in Pasco, WA. The convention was packed with 1400 attendees at the Pasco Red Lion Hotel.

Hidden Frontier cast and crew appeared on panels all day Saturday and Sunday while screenings of episodes took place Friday and Saturday including the world-premiere of Helena 2.01, "The Minstrel Boy".

Highlights include John Whiting, Sharon Savene, and Beo Fraser appearing on a makeup panel. Andrew Foster on a panel about science-fiction as a means for social change and Rob Caves on "how to make a fan film" a topic that could scarcely be covered in an hour. Camren TR. Burton was on hand to answer questions, screen episodes and show us around town on Sunday.

Photos, video and reflection are all online in the convention forum.

The script for Henglaar M.D.'s pilot has been finished and pre-production is under way. A theme has been recorded for the series which will be run by Eric Weaver.

Henglaar M.D. tells the tale of everyone's favorite Tellarite Doctor as he copes with the loss of Myra Elbrey and tries to instill some work ethic back into a young team of medical students.

Other returning characters from the HF-verse include Henglaar's niece, Silan (Heather Ashleigh) and guest appearances by Traya Knapp and Pelas (Tim Foutch).

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