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It's a busy winter at HF Productions! The third episode of Odyssey entitled "The Lotus Eaters" is due this month! You can download the preview from the episode page and check out the production photos in the gallery. The episode was directed by David O'Neill and scored by first-time composer Bodo Hartwig.

"The Lotus Eaters" continues Ro's epic journey home through the dangerous Andromeda Galaxy. The Odyssey has detected a Federation distress signal, but is it an Archein trap? New aliens are encountered but will they be friend or foe? Find out, later this month!

Following on the heels of "The Lotus Eaters", the cast and crew of Odyssey launch into production next month on episode 4, "Vile Gods". The episode is being directed by Adam Browne and will continue the storyline begun in "Lotus Eaters".

Excelsior Ball III will celebrate 7 years of Hidden Frontier, Odyssey, Helena Chronicles and more this June 6-8th in Los Angeles. The convention will be held at the Radisson Hotel at Los Angeles Airport. Full info on the Hotel, convention and what is planned is available on the forums.

The hotel is within 1/2 mile of Terminal 1 at LAX (walking distance). Our meeting facilities, reception, restaurant and bar/lounge are all accessible on the ground floor of the hotel. Hotel guest rooms have not been set aside for this event so you are responsible for booking your own accomodations. There is no group discount available. Check with your travel agent or travel websites for the best available rates. We also suggest that you pair up and share accomodations in order to save money. Meals will not be provided at the hotel but a group dinner outing is scheduled for Saturday evening.

Main events will run on Friday (1.00pm - 11:00pm), Saturday (8:00am - 11:00pm) and Sunday (8:00am - 6:00pm) with a group theme park outing planned for Monday. A registration form will be available soon.

Filming on the Intrepid/Hidden Frontier film "Operation Beta Shield" has been confirmed for the week prior to Excelsior Ball. Check out the shoot information page on our forums for more info on the guest raffle process if you are interested in attending one of the "Beta Shield" shoots while in town for the Excelsior Ball III.

We regret that we just don't have enough space to accomodate everyone at the film shoot but we are doing our best to welcome as many as we can and make the raffle as fair as possible. We hope you can join us for this historic production that will bring so many fan-film productions together! See you in June!

Helena Chronicles episodes 2, "Obsessions" continues filming in February for a projected early March release.

The episode is being directed by veteran Dave Mason and continues the Helena's search of the former Briar Patch as well as Corey Aster's search for a way to rescue Ro and the crew of the Odyssey. You can download the "Obsessions" preview now from our download mirrors.

Back for guest appearances in "Obsessions" are HF veterans Mike Johns (Johns) and Joanne Busch (Cmdr. Robin Lefler). Also appearing are David W. Dial (Knapp) and several new faces. The episode is full of twists and turns, so hold on!

Fans of Digimon perhaps know Melodee M. Spevack the best for the voices of Birdramon, Garudamon and Lady Devimon (among others). But Melodee also played an Orion on Star Trek: Enterprise in addition to a long and distinguished career in the film world.

We were thrilled to have her climb on board for a guest starring role opposite Hal Alpert in Odyssey's third episode, "The Lotus Eaters"! But Melodee's contribution didn't end there. She was also cast as a re-curring character in Odyssey's sister show, "The Helena Chronicles". In a touch of irony, she plays an Orion Syndicate boss in the second episode, "Obsessions", currently being filmed. "She's a rather distinguised leader among thieves and she's used to getting what she wants, be it merchandise or the slave trade." said Executive Producer, Rob Caves.

Melodee's performance in Odyssey can be seen later this month and next month and onward for her role in "The Helena Chronicles".

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