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Hidden Frontier's original science-fiction project, Frontier Guard is moving into pre-production! Filming is slated to begin on the project later this year. The show will feature a new universe with new worlds, new aliens, and lots of new characters. The highly serialized format will begin as short webisodes and grow from there. The twenty-minute pilot episode, entitled "Sputnik" will introduce us to the show's lead, Conner Blake who is abducted in 1957.

With Pre-Production underway we have begun casting. Once we have the majority of the cast in place we will release more details. We're in the process of interviewing costume designers and solidifying props. CGI model work and rendering continues.
New costumes, props and set pieces will not be cheap, so we gladly appreciate all gift cards and support of our viewers! Contact Rick Pike RPIKE@hiddenfrontier.com for more info on how you can help or check out the "helping the Productions" thread on our forums.

More details about Helping the Productions here

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The season finale of Federation One, "Institutions" has been released and can be downloaded from the Hidden Frontier website.
The episode serves as a transition into the audio format that will continue until the final climax of the series.

The first audio episode, "Intel" is underway. The episode is a crossover with the Starfleet Renegades (Website) audio drama and is being directed by James DeRuvo, who is head of that show. Andrew Foster will be heading up Federation One during its audio run. "Intel" is due in late February.

A preview for Helena Chronicles second season is now available from our website ! As the crew fights to stay ahead of Starfleet, the loss of a dear friend weighs heavy on their minds. Enemies and allies lurk in the shadows and the USS Phoenix, under the command of Captain Benjamin Maxwell closes in.

The season premiere, entitled "The Minstrel Boy" is set for release on February 18th in the Hidden Frontier Chat room. The episodes' blooper reel was recently released (see link above) but beware of spoilers! Filming has begun on the second and third episodes of season 2 and are being shot concurrently. The second episode will be out mid-year and the third (also the season finale) will be out at the end of 2009.

Those in attendance at this years Radcon (Website) will get an early sneek peek at "The Minstrel Boy". The episode is one of our most action-packed, nail-biting episodes to date!

Odyssey continues filming the season premiere, "On the Knees of the Gods" for release in March. Much has changed in the year Odyssey has struggled in the Andromeda Galaxy. A new crewmate, the possibility of a way home, and suspicions among old rivals all come together in the exciting season premiere!

"Knees" is the first directorial outing of cast member Sharon Savene, with a script penned by Beo Fraser. Pre-Production continues on the second episode of the season "The Immortal Loom", penned by Eric Weaver. Jennifer Cole will direct.

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