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Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles' pilot episode, "Sanctuary Lost" was released to a lively audience in the special New Year's Day chat. It is now available for our Newsletter subscribers prior to public release.

Please select one of the following download links and use the download code/password prukwa if required.

Download Mirrors - Standard Resolution (400mb)
Download Mirrors - Standard Resolution (DivX/AVI) (300mb)
Download Mirrors - Dial-Up Resolution (130mb)

Please visit the review thread here to give your feedback on the episode.

Don't forget, if you haven't seen the preview or bloopers for "Sanctuary Lost", you can go to the episode download page to view them.

Episode 2 of Helena and Episode 3 of Odyssey are now in production concurrently. Release dates have yet to be set, however a preview for Episode 3 of Odyssey (entitled "The Lotus Eaters") will be available in January. Filming continues on both episodes through February. David O'Neill directs "The Lotus Eaters" while veteran HF Director, Dave Mason, helms the Helena Chronicles' second episode "Obsessions".

We hope you enjoy it and wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year!

-Rob Caves, Executive Producer


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