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Countermeasures Reviews
Jay Aurami, a college student and a singer/songwriter in the Netherlands, writes:
"Perhaps the best word to capture the essence of Countermeasures is 'big'. In this opening episode of HF's sixth season, all the tension that has been building up over the past few episodes leads to an inevitable action-packed climax. While this leaves less room for subtle undertones in the episode's storyline, I must say that in the midst of all those battle scenes that we were expecting for so long, that is something we are very willing to overlook. Along with events having large consequences for the entire Federation, all this makes Countermeasures a very 'big' episode indeed."

Ben Sostrom, producer for Jungle Boy Studios, writes:
"At the end of the last season, we all saw tensions rising as the new serialized episode format took hold in Hidden Frontier. Those tensions come to a spectacular head in 'Countermeasures,' the first episode of season six. This episode is really a triumph for the whole HF team. While they have managed to pull off good battle episodes before, none has had the really fast-paced, all-encompassing action required for a truly 'epic' battle, something 'Countermeasures' shows in spades. At the same time, staff writer Carlos Pedraza is able to sustain a convincing and involving 'B' plot, one I hope to see developed further over coming episodes.

The 'A' plot gets down to the point very quickly. Almost immediately, we see Commodore Cole being informed that the Tholian attack has begun. Though some might dislike this episode's emphasis on the battle, I feel that this has been so long in coming, using an entire episode to show it was really necessary to keep the tension in the plotline believable. The sheer scale of the battle (the station, open space and the border in the Briar Patch) does create one complication though—at times, the complexity of the story almost gets confusing. For instance, as the battle is opening, Nechayev, Knapp and Darwin discuss the tactical situation. I ended up losing track at a few points and had to go back again to understand, for instance, the significance of Alpha Centauri in the whole situation. This doesn't get too distracting, however, as the episode is so fast-paced, it makes you want to leave those sorts of technicalities for later."

Joel Bellucci, marine scientist and web designer from Florida, writes:
"Long story short: with its sixth season premier, 'Countermeasures', Hidden Frontier has improved in almost every way over its already impressive previous episodes.

Ok, now that short story, long. For three months, fans of HF have eagerly awaited the start of Season Six. They will not be disappointed. There are some new characters, and new faces to old characters, intense action, genuine suspense and more than one surprise. The bar has been raised once again, ladies and gentleman.

We're greeted by the new Season 6 intro animation. Quite nifty. And then, ahhh, DS12. I missed it so! And we're introduced (again) to Traya, now played by Noora Hadden. Time has passed since we last saw her, maybe more time than I realized ... she's been accepted to Harvard! However, she’s also won a scholarship to the Cardassian Cultural Institute and wants to attend there instead. Knapp will have none of it. Then again, Traya will have none of Dad’s advice, especially with the prospect of meeting her email-buddy, Pelas. The exchange between Traya and her father quickly reveals one thing: Noora is dynamite. Her delivery is impeccable. She brings real life to the character. Awesome. What a welcome addition to the show! Can I gush some more? Yeah, I can, but let's move on."
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