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Areakt Production Announces Second New Series!
With our Hidden Frontier spin-off - Star Trek: Odyssey - in production, we would like to introduce you to its sister show, The Helena Chronicles!

The Helena Chronicles takes off 6 months after Odyssey's first episode and has three episodes in its first season. It chronicles the adventures of the Federation starship Helena that was seen prominently in Hidden Frontier's 6th and 7th season. The Helena is a Renaissance II Class starship based out of Deep Space 12 in the Ba'ku System.

Helena Chronicles stars Sharon Savene as Captain Theresa Faisal. Faisal was formerly Captain Tolian Naros' first officer when he commanded the starship Helena. Previous to that she served as Helm/Ops on the USS Sadat. (HF - 604)

Co-starring is Adam Browne as Commander Jorian Dao. Dao transferred to the Helena as tactical officer in Hidden Frontier's season 7. He will be Helena's first officer in The Helena Chronicles.

Among the regular cast returns Beau Christian Williams as Lieutenant (JG) Artim Ibanya. He will be serving as Helena's Helm/ops officer.

Helena's regular Doctor, Chief Engineer, and Tactical Officer are now being cast and will be announced soon.

Other notable guest appearances in HC's pilot include:

David W. Dial as Admiral Ian Knapp
Joanne Bush as Commander Robin Lefler

The Helena Chronicles' pilot episode is entitled "Sanctuary Lost" and was penned by staff writer, Brian Matthews. Pre-production including casting and CGI rendering has begun, and filming is slated for fall 2007.

Be sure to check back regularly for updates regarding this exciting new series, and for further announcements as the Helena's mission gears up for launch!

-- Jonathan Connor-Foertsch, Website Content Administrator
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