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Areakt Productions announces new mini-series, STAR TREK: FEDERATION ONE!
April 2nd, 2008 - With our Hidden Frontier spin-offs - Star Trek: Odyssey & Star Trek: Helena Chronicles now well under way, we are pleased to announce a new 4 part mini-series!!

Star Trek: Federation One will be a four-part mini-series focusing on the President of the United Federation of Planets and their entourage aboard the Federation's diplomatic flagship, Federation One. Operation Beta Shield will serve as a prelude episode to this series setting up some of the cast and situations the show will follow.

Star Trek: Federation One (FED) stars Wayne Webb as Lt. Cmdr. Matt McCabe.

McCabe's co-star cannot be revealed at this time because it would spoil the Operation Beta Shield movie, but we promise, the co-star is someone you will instantly recognize and is a fantastically brilliant actor.

Other Confirmed Cast Includes:

David O'Neill as Admiral Selek - Commander in Chief of Starfleet
Barbara Clifford as Maragaret Magowan - Secretary of the Exterior
Jim Davis
Jacques Freydont

"Unity" Guest Cast Includes:

Risha Denney as Elizabeth Shelby
Joni Bovill as Proconsul Yeshva
Andrew Foster
Karl Puder as General Korg

Along with "Operation Beta Shield", the first production episode of Federation One entitled, "Unity" was penned by Brian S. Matthews. Episode filming will overlap with Operation Beta Shield filming beginning this weekend. "Unity" will be released chronologically just after Operation Beta Shield in the latter half of Odyssey and Helena's Season One.

Pre-production on Federation One and Beta Shield have been going on for some time. Sets have been built and designed by Philip Hogg and LCARS made by Craig O'Connor. Federation One itself was designed by Sean Tourangeau. Fans may remember him as the winner of the USS Titan contest. After several designs, we settled on one that was built by Philip Hogg who is also doing the opening title sequence. The model was then handed off to Rob Caves for the in-episode shots. The ship and some of its interiors will make their first appearance in Operation Beta Shield.

We will have a couple of other exciting casting announcements in the coming weeks including three main cast members, cast portraits, and biographies!

Federation One will run con-currently with Odyssey and The Helena Chronicles. It will release roughly one episode per season of Helena/Odyssey.

All of the shows are planned to wrap up together in a BIG way. We also hope to bring you a new original science fiction project in the next year.

I hope you enjoy Federation One!

Rob Caves

Executive Producer
Star Trek: Odyssey
Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles
Star Trek: Federation One

>Click here to go to the episode page to download the teaser<

Be sure to check back regularly for updates regarding this exciting new project at hiddenfrontier.com and for further announcements as we continue to go boldly where no fan film has gone before!

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