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HF Announces New Series!
May 31st, 2007 - UPDATED! Pictures from Illiad's first shoot are now available in the Media Section!

June 8th, 2007 - UPDATED X 2! The series teaser is now available in download and streaming format within the latest news update!

With Hidden Frontier's final episode "It's Hour Come Round at Last" having premiered on May 19th, 2007, we would like to introduce you to one of our upcoming projects!

Areakt Pictures, in association with Hidden Frontier Productions is proud to announce the next chapter in the Star Trek universe.

Star Trek: Odyssey

Starring Bobby Rice as Lt. Commander Ro Nevin

Star Trek: Odyssey will be picking up where Hidden Frontier leaves off - exploring new worlds, and new civilizations. It will be the first Trek series set in the mysterious Andromeda Galaxy.

Confirmed cast includes:

Sam Bacsa
Adam Browne
Jennifer Cole
Tim Foutch
Michelle Laurent
Julia Morizawa
Karl Puder
Sharon Savene
JT Tepnapa
John Whiting

Filming of the pilot episode, entitled, "Iliad" began in late April, with pre-production for Season 1 in progress for just under a year. We've assembled a team of writers, including acclaimed science-fiction writer E. Robert Dunn of the Eschelon's End book series on as a staff writer!

"We put out a call on our website for the fans to get directly involved with the making of the show and the response was phenomenal. Hidden Frontier and Odyssey have both benefited from help to our CGI staff and new creative contributors for Odyssey." said Odyssey's Executive Producer, Rob Caves.

In the great tradition of Hidden Frontier, Odyssey's feature-length pilot promises to take the Trek universe in exciting new directions not possible under a big studio's control. While Ro is an openly-gay/bisexual character, Odyssey will focus instead on new aspects of his evolving persona that have not been explored yet in Hidden Frontier. When Hidden Frontier's feature-length final episode is released in May, more details of the events in Odyssey's pilot will be revealed!

Be sure to check back regularly for updates regarding this exciting new series, and for further announcements as the Odyssey mission gears up for launch!

-- Jonathan Connor-Foertsch, Website Content Administrator
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