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708 - 'Series Finale': In Production Now!
March 23rd, 2007 - Hidden Frontier's final is in active production; and we're rocketing at warp speed towards the ultimate destiny of the Star Trek universe as we know it! In the meantime we've put together a page that lets you see already released materials, including production stills and the preview!

Time has run out for Starfleet and her Allies - Siroc is on a course to the Dyson Sphere, and is preparing to unleash something so devestating that it will forever change the galaxy as we know it. Captain Naros and the Helena are the only ship who can stop him, if stopping him is even possible at this point.

Meanwhile, Shelby is frantically trying to lead a repair effort to restore the shattered pieces of Excelsior in an effort to help Naros if she can. But the Grey have returned from fold space, starved for energy, and after finishing off the Tholians, they're looking for the main course....

Be sure to check back regularly for updates to the site, and for further announcements as the 7th Season of Star Trek: Hidden Frontier comes to a close this May, 2007!

-- Jonathan Connor-Foertsch, Website Content Manager
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