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Season 7 Premiere 'Heavy Losses' Now in Wide Release!
March 17, 2006 - Hidden Frontier is proud to announce the wide availability of our season 7 premiere -- Heavy Losses.

From our Executive Producer, Rob Caves:
The battle has been lost, and now the crew of the USS Excelsior is fighting for their very lives! With the battle plan shattered, and the enemy manuvering to annihilate them, no one is safe from the clutches of Siroc and the Tholian Assembly.

"Heavy Losses" will be Hidden Frontier's 43rd episode and features the return of archvillan Siroc (Jim Davis) and chronicles the allies attempts to retake the disputed Tren'La System by force from the Tholians. Season 7 promises exciting new twists as the Federation grows closer to understanding the mysterious tetrahedrons, their connection to the Grey, the elusive Briar Patch species, and the true intentions of Siroc and his henchmen.

Season 7 sees the return of characters from previous seasons as well as some new faces in the ever-expanding scope of 24th century Star Trek. Some exciting guest appearances will be announced in the coming weeks.

Welcome back to the 24th century!

You can view an episode synopsis, get the episode, watch the preview or the bloopers here.

-- Sam Bacsa, Webmaster
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