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Hidden Frontier Announces New Staff Writer for Season Seven
Jan. 10, 2006 - The staff of Hidden Frontier would like to extend a warm welcome to returning Staff Writer, Dan Crout! Mr. Crout wrote or contributed to more than 13 of Hidden Frontier's episodes in seasons 2-4, in addition to playing the arch-villan Sha'Kev in The Great Starship Robbery and Heroes. He said, "I'm happy to be working with the staff on the final season of Hidden Frontier. I'm honored to be asked back, and humbled by the steady and exciting progress that's been made over the three years I was away."

When asked what his favorite episode was, "I would have to say it was my first one: 'Old Wounds' from season 2. It was Risha Denney's first directorial assignment, so of course she also had to memorize the most lines and get stuck in front of the camera as well."

Mr. Crout's personal life and career have kept him away from Hidden Frontier the past few years where he continues to write television pilots in his spare time. "On the personal front, I've managed to father three strapping young lads and keep an amazing woman as my wife to mother them. Not that I don't contribute...right honey? Honey?"

Dan will pick up the pace after "Heavy Losses", which was written by outgoing writer and loyal fan, Carlos Pedraza. When asked about what he and Rob Caves have in store for season 7, Crout said, "Summing up, we have a scorcher of a storyline on tap for season 7, with a little something for each of our characters, and enough tears of joy and heartbreak to swamp the Queen Mary. Stick around for it."

Welcome back to the family, Dan!

-- Rob Caves, Executive Producer
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