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n. The official approval by a government of a proposed envoy from a foreign government.

After attending a formal party in her honour, Jessica Kingsley reflects on the reason why she was assigned as the Federation Ambassador to Tahn'Los. She remembers her initial visit to the planet and the first time she met several key members of the planetary government, and the difficult situation they faced. (Released 05/05/12 Running Time - 41:55, Originally released 01/08/09)

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A Frontline Production hosted by Hidden Frontier


Starring Barbara Puder as Ambassador Jessica Kingsley

Nick Beckwith as Health Attaché Dr. Philip Gregson
Holly Bednar as First Representative of the High Curia Rrin'Si Es'Laan
Sharon Sevene as Science Attaché Ursula Kellin
Karl Puder as Deputy Chief of Mission Sovik
Beo Fraser as Ensign Lepinski
Jennifer Cole as Political Attaché Yiela Norian
Betty Skur as Village Elder
S. R. Ellis as Public Affairs Attaché Nevichikal th’Dren
Martin Lejeune as Revolutionary Leader
Michael Liebmann as Revolutionary Superior
Rick Pike as Commander Trask
Clive Saunders as Starfleet-One Transporter Chief
Bodo Hartwig as Prime Assistant Yera'Se Ve'Nait
Richard Miles as Shuttle Pilot
Sandra Miles as Fourth Representative
Jake Hudson as Sick Boy

Andrew Foster : Intro/Credits V/O


Creator and Executive Producer : Alex Matthews
Written by Alex Matthews
Post production : Michael Hudson
Directed by Alex Matthews and Michael Hudson

Original Theme music by Bodo Hartwig
Original Score by Bodo Hartwig

Original Jazz Music (Scene 1) by Kevin MacLeod
"No Good Layabout" and "Shades of Spring"

Other Jazz Music
Copyright Unknown, instrumentation and arrangement by Bodo Hartwig

Special thanks go to :

Lee Andrew and Anarchist86d for SFX sources
Martin Lejeune for Post Production advice and constructive criticism
John Whiting for the character images
Copyright © 2000 - 2008 Hidden Frontier Productions

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