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n. The establishment of improved relations.

A recent Federation member planet gets special attention from high ranking Starfleet and Diplomatic Corps personnel. Why does it warrant this high powered interest and what legacy has Ferengi colonisation left ? (Released 05/05/12 Running Time - 48:36 (Part 1) 46:46 (Part 2), Originally released 04/14/08)

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A Frontline Production hosted by Hidden Frontier


Starring Barbara Puder as Ambassador Jessica Kingsley

Andrew Foster as Captain Dalonis Tohre (and Trailer/Credits V/O)
Alex Matthews as Lieutenant Keran Azhan
Lucie Cook as Lieutenant Commander Yanis Caed
Karl Puder as General Korg and Sovik
Heather Ashleigh as Princess Mey'Lii and Megan Kingsley
Mike Skur as Second Representative Kree'Ho Te'Maat
Nick Beckwith as Senior Health Attaché Dr. Philip Gregson
Holly Bednar as First Representative of the High Curia Rrin'Si Es'Laan
David Robertson as Government Liaison Officer Vren'Ka Li'Pritt
Glenn E Smith as Commander Sa'ad Al-Zaid, Starfleet One Bridge Officer
Sharon Sevene as Ursula Kellin
Betty Skur as Jiin'La Si'Taan and Starfleet One Transporter Chief
Beo Fraser as Ensign Lepinski
Lee Andrew as Lieutenant Andrew Alexander
Jennifer Cole as Yiela Norian
Martin Lejeune as Anti Curia Leader
Alain De Mol as Anti Curia Member #1
Jonathan Connor as The Director
Roy MacPhail as Rear-Admiral Stocker
Chris Reading as Seth Kingsley
Lauren Davies as Lyta Brennan
Michael Hudson as Avren Osen and Royal Guard
David Reid as Royal Announcer
Sean Scullion as Central Communications
Brandy Seymour as The Computer
Michelle Hudson as Woman #1


Creator and Executive Producer : Alex Matthews
Written by Alex Matthews
Post production : Michael Hudson
Directed by Alex Matthews and Michael Hudson

Original Theme music by Bodo Hartwig
Star Trek Incidental Music by Cliff Eidelman, Dennis McCarthy, Jerry Goldsmith, Ron Jones
Other Original Incidental Music by Bodo Hartwig

Special thanks go to :

Lee Andrew and Anarchist86d for SFX sources
Martin Lejeune for Post Production advice and constructive criticism
John Whiting for the character images
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