Hidden Frontier
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With the fate of two galaxies hanging in the balance, Lt. Cmdr. Ro Nevin is taken on a journey through his past, as Captain Benjamin Sisko helps him to prepare for the dangerous tasks he faces when he returns to the Starship Odyssey. (Wide release 09/30/10 Running Time - 40:37)

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A Hidden Frontier Production

Main Cast

Lieutenant Commander Ro Nevin, played by Brandon McConnell

Guest Cast

Captain Benjamin Sisko, played by Clynell Jackson
Ro Talia, played by Katie Moss
Ro Dakhurven, played by Andrew Foster
Vedek Winn Adami, played by Melodee M. Spevack
Keeve Falor, played by Michael McConnohie
Glinn Malek, played by John Nelson
Ensign Ro Laren, played by Samantha Gregory
Young Nevin, played by Jake Kellar
Little Nevin, played by Peter Haws
Sympathetic Cardassian, played by Andrew Kinnear
Cardassian PA Voice, played by Clive Saunders


Directed by Camren T. Burton

Theme by Dex Craig
Music by Gareth Ortiz-Timpson

Written by Camren T. Burton

Editor and Audio Engineer - David W. Hill

Technical Advisor Jonathon Connor

Executive Producer - Rob Caves
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