Hidden Frontier
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In the first episode of our new audio series, Doctor Henglaar must put aside his past, and fight for the life of a dear friend’s daughter. Will they discover the cure in time? What will the Klingons eat for dinner? Will Henglaar’s past get in the way of true happiness? (Wide release 07/29/09 Running Time - 40:23)

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A Hidden Frontier Production


John Whiting as Dr. Henglaar
Heather Ashleigh as Silan
Jeannie Lin as Dr. Vonus
Tim Fritts as Dr. Lucas Noah
Mark Samarias as Dr. Profto

This Episode Featured

Special Guest Star - Melodee M. Spevack as Captain Dana Russell

Sara Jo Elice as Traya Knapp
Greg Flis as Pelas Gozet
Andrew Foster as The Admiral
Eric Weaver as The Emergency Medical Hologram
David Hill as Captain Dana's Crewman
Marie Helena as The Admiral's Secretary


Created by Eric Weaver
Written & Directed by Eric Weaver

Theme & Music by Mary Kouyoumdjian

Medical Adviser - Farrell Pierson, M.D.

Technical Advisor – Jonathon Connor

Audio Consultant – Michael Hudson

Story Editor – Mark Painter

Executive Producers Rob Caves & Eric Weaver
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