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Episode 1 of the Star Trek: Grissom Audio Show begins immediately following the events of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Captain Esteban is assigned new crewmembers for the USS Grissom as the intergalactic newsbands are buzzing with the rumours of the death of the legendary Captain Spock. With the USS Enterprise investigating the destruction of the USS Gallant, Grissom is advised of a new mission of exploration via a priority code one communication from Starfleet Command. But Grissom is destined for danger, with paranoia rampant in the Alpha quadrant and the Klingons making veiled threats along the Federation border. (Wide release 08/05/09 Running Time - 1:03:49)

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A Hidden Frontier and Star Trek: Grissom Production
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Clive Saunders as Captain Jonathan T. Esteban
Dallas Teague Snider as Dr. Vindi S’Raazh
Jennifer Cole as Commander Stephanie Ottair
Nick Beckwith as Lt. Cmdr. Christopher Chattman


Gráinne Ahern as Lt. Rebecca Sato and M’Pursong
Rick Pike as Lt. Lars Thorsen
Benjamin Cavesdale as Specialist 2nd Class Aabin
Aine Ni Choileain as Ensign Kara McLoughlin
Renda Carr as Lt. Saavik
Adrian Jones as Dr. David Marcus
Melissa D. Wilson as Dr. Carol Marcus
Will Dees as Dr. Clive Saunders
Michael Liebmann as Dr. Michael Liebmann

Andrew Foster as Admiral Harry Morrow


Bodo Hartwig as Ensign Brian Childers
Hannah Klang as Danni Hunter and Receptionist
Tobey Slagenweit-Coffman as Klingon Warrior
Heather Ashleigh as Computer Voice

Special Appearances by

Brad Hathaway as Captain Jeffrey Pierce
Keith Harris as Admiral Alexander McKnight
Seán P. Teeling as Captain Lawrence Styles
Michael Hudson as Lt. Paul Hewson
Joshua Williams as Commander Solak


Shadow McNamara Teeling as Muggle the Dog
Persephoné Lejeune as M’Pursong’s Cat

Alex Matthews as Terlis


Story by: Seán P. Teeling and Melissa D. Wilson

Audio Play by: Darren Rosetta and Bodo Hartwig

Editing, Sound Design and Music by: Bodo Hartwig

23rd Century Advisors: Joseph Bonice and Brad Hathaway

Executive Producers: Rob Caves and Seán Paul Teeling
Copyright © 2000 - 2008 Hidden Frontier Productions

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