Hidden Frontier
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In his continuing investigation into Se'Fron's death, head of Presidential Security Matt McCabe along with Science Intern Mara Onshul are on special assignment, but a surprise detour brings them face-to-face with pirates and renegades... and a trip to the notorious Hell's Gate. (Wide release 03/22/09 Running Time - 31:13)

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A Hidden Frontier Production
in association with Starfleet Renegades and Quindar Entertainment
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Regular Cast

Wayne Webb as Matt McCabe
Heather Ashleigh as Mara Onshul

Special Guest Cast (From Starfleet Renegades)

Gregory Crafts as Captain Nicolas Roberts
Wendy Gough as Commander Kathy Marshall
Keith Sedor as Chex

Also Featuring

Karl Puder as Korg
Will Dees as Thoteres
Andy Kinnear and Ben Whisman as the Klingons
Eric Weaver as Arena Announcer
Mark Painter as Commercial Announcer
Bodo Hartwig as Nature Narrator
Robin Hiert as Station Security
Chris Cappuccio as the Waiter
Matt Jamieson as Crowd Voice

Music and Production

Music by Daniel Chan and Kevin McLeod

Written by Eric Weaver and Brian S. Matthews
Directed by James DeRuvo

Audio Engineering and Editing by Michael Hudson
Produced by Andrew Foster

Executive Produced by Rob Caves
Copyright © 2000 - 2008 Hidden Frontier Productions

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