Hidden Frontier
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While hosting a small group of elite cadets from Starfleet Academy, the U.S.S. Equinox comes under attack from a Cardassian force commanded by Gul Malek. With most of the senior staff injured and out of commission, three cadets must help save the ship from enemy capture. (Wide release 08/19/13 Running Time - 58:16)

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A Hidden Frontier Production


Robert Thomas Hawke as Captain Rudolph Ransom
Michael Dempsey as Cmdr. Charlie Rea
Jeff Harth as Lt. Cmdr. Ruko Sullivan
James Butterfield as Lt. Cmdr. Mike McCullough
Lee James Sands as Lt. Cmdr. Tom Fitzgerald
Michael Liebmann as Dr. John Pass
Thomas Barnes as Lt. Maxwell Burke
Eleiece Krawiec as Counselor Bridget Olsen
Christine Burton as Ensign Marla Gilmore
Mat Weller as Crewman Lessing
Jennifer Cole as Equinox computer

Guest Stars

Camren T. Burton as Lt. (jg) Greg Avenson
Brandon Walkush as Cadet Jeremy Aster
Sean Paul Teeling as Nurse
Mat Weller as Glinn Norvek & Enabran Tain

Special Guest Stars

Janice Willcocks as Captain Willcocks
Jason Munoz as Cadet Munoz
Wayne Webb as Cadet McCabe
Nick Cook as Lieutenant Daniel Hunter
David Reid as Sublieutenant SíCeris
John Nelson as Gul Malek
Michael McConnohie as Commander Vrelik
Eric Busby as Bishop


Music by Wendell Jones
Audio Engineer and Mixing by David W. Hill
Executive Producers: Camren T. Burton, Charlie A. Rea, and Rob Caves
Copyright © 2000 - 2008 Hidden Frontier Productions

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