Hidden Frontier
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The U.S.S. Angeles is dispatched to the distant Gamma Quadrant on a joint mission with the Dominion to retrieve a cometary substance which may prove useful in protecting the Alpha and Beta Quadrants from another Archein invasion . . . but things in the comet fields soon go awry . . . (Wide release 02/03/01 Running Time - 56:57)

Continuity note: This episode is set between Odyssey 2.02 and Henglaar 1.04

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A USS Angeles and Hidden Frontier co-production

Main Cast

Janice Willcocks as herself
Dave Mason as himself
Gloria Rodriguez as herself
Gary Sandridge as himself
James Jones as Lieutenant Jamie Jackman
Susan Fox as Commander Sou
Katie Moss as herself
Jennifer Cole as Lieutenant Danielle DuBois
Camren T. Burton as Ervann
Jonathan Connor as himself
Ariel Vitali as Dr. Ari Mistral
Jim Davis as Dr. Qu'Qul
Stacy Levesque as herself
Luis Valentin as Soval
Kestra Oliver as herself
Paul Lester as himself
Chris Esquibel as Dayaron

Guest Cast

Carol Soldo as Admiral Alice Rand


Directed by: Jennifer Cole and Camren T. Burton

Theme: Bodo Hartwig
Music: Dave Mason

Story: Camren T. Burton and Rob Caves

Editor and Sound Engineer: David W. Hill

Technical Consultant: Jonathan Connor

Executive Producers: Dave Mason, Janice Willcocks, David W. Hill and Rob Caves
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