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Chat Room Rules and Regulations
The Hidden Frontier chat room is operated by the HF staff, and falls under a number of regulations. This is to ensure a safe and fun chatting environment for all!

  1. No Foul Language - Please avoid using obscene words or phrases. Like the forums, the chat is considered a PG-13 zone, and thus the language used should reflect that. Using foul language may result in a warning. Persistent behavior of the kind will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.

  2. No Flooding or Excess Spam - Please do not flood the channel with meaningless or repetitive messages. It distracts from the conversation and may result in a kick from the channel. Repeat offenses will result in bans.

  3. No Advertising - Entering the channel and using it solely to promote another website, IRC channel, etc will result in being kicked/banned from the room. We do not mind you talking about your own Trek fan films and the like, but we ask that you not use the channel solely for that purpose. The room is, after all, a Hidden Frontier chat room.

  4. Do Not Falsely Represent Yourself - Falsely representing yourself as an HF cast/crewmember or another member is grounds for an immediate and permanent ban from the chat room. To protect your identity, we recommend that you register your nickname with NickServ. You can get more information on how to do this by typing /msg NickServ Register into the channel.

  5. Do Not Beg for Ops - Ops, or channel operators (indicated by a @, %, ~, or & next to their nickname) are moderators of the room. Do not beg or request to become an op in the channel, as it will result in an immediate kick from the room. Repeat behavior will result in a ban. Operators are (typically) production and/or forum staff members. While we do recruit non- forum/production staff members to assist us in moderation on occasion, we invite you, and not the other way around.

  6. Do Not Evade Bans - Ban evasion, which is defined as deliberately getting around a ban (either by changing your IP or other means) before the ban is served completely. Ban evasion will result in a temporary ban becoming a permanent one. Repeat attempts will result in it being considered as harrassment, the consequences of which are defined below.

  7. Follow Operator Instructions - We ask that you follow all instructions given to you by channel operators. Failure to follow instructions will result in a kick and/or ban from the channel. If you feel you were unfairly targeted by an operator, you may file a report using this complaint form.

  8. Do Not Harrass Members - Harrassing members or moderators of the chat room, or any other user on the IRC server will result in severe repercussions, including but not limited to a kline -- or permanent ban from the server (not just the channel) -- and possibly a police report, depending on the severity of the harrassment.

  9. No Leetspeak - Please do not use "leet speak" (l1k3 7h1s s0r7 0f 7yp1ng) or variants thereof. Also, using excessive forms of slang or "street talk" may result in warnings, and eventually a kick/ban from the channel.

  10. Monday Night Chats - Our weekly Monday night chat sessions (beginning at 7:00pm Pacific, and ending before midnight) may have different rules and regulations associated with them.

  11. Operator Authority - Channel operators are empowered to enforce these regulations, make exceptions to them when necessary, and use their discretion when applying punishment. If you feel you have been treated unfairly, you may file a complaint using this form.
Thanks for joining us in chat!
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